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I can’t sign in to my account
Chances are there that you might have forgottenyour password. Reset your password and try to sign in to your account. 
How do I request a ride?
Requesting a ride with Crashandride is as EASY as 1...2...and 3.Enter your destination address. Confirm your pick up location and wait for the driver to accept your ride request.
How do I get a fare estimate?
Enter your destination address, choose the available vehicle option and get your fare estimates displayed. Please note - traffic, weather, or other contributing factors can strike a difference between the estimated and actual fare. 
Will I get an ETA?
Yes, you will get an ETA. Please keep in mind; ETAs are basically the time estimation and are not guaranteed. A whole range of external factors like traffic, weather and road condition can impact the ETA. 
Can I share ETA and trip status?
Sure you can share your trip details with friends, family and more to let them follow your trip. Send them your trip link via Text message. They will be able to view vehicle information, driver’s information and your map location
Can I rate the driver?
Yes you can. At the end of the trip you will receive an invitation to rate your driver within a scale of 1-5 stars.